Hello HB Reavis,

it is a pleasure to meet You here!

My name is Miroslav

I have always been keen on online marketing since 2009.

I have created a Facebook page for my friend – Rally Dakar rider – Ivan Jakeš and cooperated with him for 6 years. It was so interesting to reach 100K people through social media and cooperate with well-known CZ/SK mass media.

Besides that I have started to write down my personal thoughts, take photographs and develop simple websites running on WordPress.
After the first contact with a comprehensive online marketing I finally found out what is really matter of my interests.


In 2015 I went as a fresh high school graduate to Copenhagen. I have never been there before and everything around me was challenging. It has been tremendously inspiring 18 months requiring a lot of effort.

Studying, working, exploring, getting to know myself and being open-minded in a dynamic, multicultural society surrounded by breathtaking architecture. What a journey full of invaluable experiences!

I got involved in many non-paid projects among start-up community and fell in love with marketing itself.

My supply meets your demand

I know what you are looking for!

I am online marketing positive, passionate about social media and online channels along the basics of media (photo + video) creation including post-process. That could be interesting for you!
I know how to deal and communicate with team and clients.
Know how to go straight to the point.

10 years of bicycle sports taught me how to be calm and face the big challenges with charm even in busy times.

I guess that our cooperation would work due to solutions “out of the box” and mixed spirit with drive that is bursting in my body!

Do not you believe?

I have started with Ivan Jakeš – 100K reach of many posts (2009 – 2015), PR for over 30 CZ/SK mass media.

Ivan Jakeš

Made hemmet.sk and lapetit.sk in WordPress.


Been helpful with organising and making TEDx KEA more visible, help with a Slovak film festival in Copenhagen with a Slovak director Marcel Pazman.

Ny Slovakisk Film – Slovak film festival

Currently, I am working on Pizza SEO social media presence + clients’ online marketing.

Pizza SEO
Example of a guerilla campaign made by me + video

I am also a part of KC Dunaj management team, helping a craft beer brewery Shenk to attract their beer lovers.
Výčap U Ernőho

I DO love my work!

Nothing is perfect, neither Miroslav is

I am a young gun full of energy and drive, but there are plenty things to learn. Basic knowledge of Adwords and Analytics are my personal goals for this quartal. Advanced reporting and analytics are on the list as well.

However, I am brave enough to face great challenges and learn new things as much as I can. It is a fascinating process.

OK, let's get back to work!

I would be joyful for giving me an opportunity and get along with me.

Thank you for your time.
Best regards,

Curriculum Vitae (CV)